We treat people instead of symptoms...

Specialists and Medical Team

Our specialists and medical team are renowned not only for their expertise, but also for their caring and empathy. Many carry out cutting edge medical research in their fields, and most of our in-house doctors also have additional degrees in specialty fields.


“I would like to thank ALL of your staff for the thoughtful care I received. My accident was so traumatic, but I was cared for with respect and kindness the entire time I was there. Thank you again for the absolute best care I could have hoped for.”

– Margaret T, Patient

“I had a serious injury to my leg and ankle and was sent to this hospital by ambulance. This was a very scary accident, with lots of serious decisions to be made while travelling in a foreign country. The staff immediately made us feel welcome and calmed our fears about being in a foreign country and having an injury. My husband was very concerned for me, and the staff and Doctors always kept him aware of my care and involved him in the decisions to be made. I stayed in Cozumel for surgery because I felt like I was in good hands. The nurses were very caring and the support I received was top notch. I was released 36 hours later to be able to fly back to the States Our experience was excellent. Thank you very much! “

-Jeanne M, Patient

Leaders in Hyperbarics

We established the first hyperbaric chamber in Cozumel in 1987, and our hospital is the flagship of the global SSS Recompression Chamber Network. The chamber is wholly owned by the hospital rather than by an external medical service provider or consortium. This means our hyperbaric doctors are in-house, ready to provide treatment and save lives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


  • Our hospital rooms are designed to make you feel at home during your stay, and are equipped with an extra bed for a companion.
  • Our medical equipment is consistent, reliable, and meets or exceeds international standards.
  • We have the largest fleet in Cozumel of fully equipped ambulances sourced from the United States.
  • To further safeguard the health and lives of the diving community, we have a remote medical office, pharmacy, and ambulance station at the dive boat marina FONATUR.
  • Parking is available at the hospital parking lot (first hour free with validated parking ticket). 

Emergency number +52 (987) 878 6161