Our Services

Laboratory and imaging

We provide swift imaging and lab results and services, including:

  • Covid-19 testing: Antigen and PCR tests
  • Blood tests
  • STD testing
  • Immunology
  • Drug testing
  • Digitalized X-Rays
  • CT Scans
  • MRIs
  • High resolution ultrasounds
  • Full service lab available 24 hrs
  • Fully stocked pharmacy

Medical Procedures

We offer a range of treatments, as well as major and minor medical procedures. If your stay requires hospitalization, we will make you feel at home and get you released as quickly as possible without unnecessary tests and delays. 

  • Physician consultations¬†
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics and traumatology
  • Orthodontics and general dentistry
  • Aquatic and subaquatic medicine
  • General surgery
  • Internal medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Emergency medicine
  • Intensive care
  • Nutritionist
  • Paramedics (first responders, event coverage, and private ambulance transportation).

Immediate treatment of a rare diver condition

"My wife had an Immersion Pulmonary Edema, a rare, relatively and random diver condition. The staff recognized it immediately. Within an hour had an X-Ray, echocardiogram, and ultrasound, and then contrast CT scan looking for blood clots - everything they did was prudent and the logical test for the conditions my wife was exhibiting. We went in on a Sunday and left about 24 hours later - meaning, we saw both their weekend staff and weekday staff - all great! They sent us home with a full packet of all the medical info, a DVD of data, etc. - all we will need for a follow up in the USA. My only regret is that I did not ask for a tour of the hyperbaric chamber. Lastly, because I don't know how to otherwise find her, a mucho grande gracias to the ambulance and paramedics that got us from the emergency scuba pier to the hospital - she was in total control."

– Pamela M., Patient

Impeccable major surgery

"This is the most amazing hospital I have ever experienced. This is my second time having major surgery and both were impeccable. The staff is wonderful, kind, considerate, etc".

– Catherine T, Patient

Best care I could have hoped for.

"I would like to thank ALL of your staff for the thoughtful care I received. My accident was so traumatic, however, I was cared for with respect and kindness the entire time I was there... Thank you again for the absolute best care I could have hoped for." - Margaret T.

– Margaret T., Patient