Medical Team and Specialists

Our medical team and Specialists.
Experts who lead with caring and empathy.

Our specialists and medical team are renowned not only for their expertise, but also for their caring and empathy. Many carry out cutting edge medical research in their fields, and most of our in-house doctors also have additional degrees in specialty fields.

Meet a few of our specialists!

Internal Medicine Specialist. Hyperbaric and Subaquatic Medicine Specialist.
Traumatologist, Orthopedist y Arthroscopist.
Noelia Gallardo, MD
General Surgery

From paralyzed in a vacation accident to enjoying life fully again.

“When I left a cruise ship for a shore excursion in Cozumel, I had no idea the day would end in tragedy. I was swimming in fairly shallow water when I jumped up on a rock to rest and take in the beautiful Caribbean scenery. As I was sitting there, I did not see a large wave roll in behind me and it knocked me off the rock I was sitting on and head first into a rock in front of me–fracturing three vertebrae in my spinal cord and paralyzing me. I nearly drowned, but help arrived and an ambulance took me to the hospital.

As an American, you can imagine how scared I was arriving in a strange hospital in Mexico, paralyzed and thinking this has to be a bad dream. There was no way I am going to have spinal cord surgery in Mexico! I told my girlfriend she had to get me out of here. But a member of the hospital staff explained that she understood how scared I was, especially due to the extent of my injuries, and assured me that even though I was in Mexico, the hospital had the best care available and that I was in the best place possible for my situation.

The staff was very professional and attended to all of my needs and performed all the necessary testing and imaging to determine the extent of my injuries quickly upon arrival. Within a very short time Dr. Luis Pola came in to explain to me the extent of my injuries and that he and his team could clearly see the fractures of my spinal cord from C-5 to C-7 and the ruptured disc causing the pressure on my spinal cord. He also explained that he was confident after the surgery I would be able to walk again.This was the most amazing news a man could ever hear! From the time of my injury and not being able to move any part of my body so many things were going through my head and how drastically my life would change being paralyzed. To hear the confidence in Dr. Pola’s voice, the staff comforting me, and the admissions officer assuring me that all of my insurance and needs would be taken care of and to rest easy, my whole outlook changed and I suddenly knew I was in the right place.

I had the surgery 2 days later (due to swelling) performed by Dr. Ramos and Dr. Pola and it was a 100% success. I could move again! Just as they predicted. I can’t explain in words how much love, gratitude and respect I have for the entire staff at International Hospital. From the amazing Doctors, support staff and around the clock nursing staff, this is the only place in Mexico I would feel comfortable seeking medical care. They truly saved my life and I will be forever grateful. If you are ever in need of immediate care in Cozumel I highly recommend going directly to International Hospital. I go back yearly just to visit”.


– Damon Collazo, Seattle, Washington.