We accept most national and international insurance policies accepted, as well as all reputable dive insurance. To save our patients time and money, our US-based desk helps to directly verify benefits and file claims


Cozumel International Hospital/Medicina Hiperbárica Integral S. de R.L. de C.V. located on 5th Street Centro, zip code 77600 in Cozumel, Q.R., declares itself responsible for the confidentiality, use and protection of your personal information.  As such, the personal information we collect will only be used to identify you for the services we render in connection with billing.

If you want to limit the use or sharing of your personal information or exercise your right to limit inquiries, verification, or to clear personal information that you may have authorized previously, please contact our customer service by telephone: +52 (987) 872 1430, 872 1431 and 872 2387 or via email:  cozumel@sssnetwork.com.  We will provide instructions regarding our established procedure so that you can exercise your rights under this code.