Immediate treatment of a rare diver condition.

“My wife had an Immersion Pulmonary Edema, a rare, relatively and random diver condition. The staff recognized it immediately. Within an hour had an X-Ray, echocardiogram, and ultrasound, and then contrast CT scan looking for blood clots – everything they did was prudent and the logical test for the conditions my wife was exhibiting. We went in on a Sunday and left about 24 hours later – meaning, we saw both their weekend staff and weekday staff – all great! They sent us home with a full packet of all the medical info, a DVD of data, etc. – all we will need for a follow up in the USA. My only regret is that I did not ask for a tour of the hyperbaric chamber. Lastly, because I don’t know how to otherwise find her, a mucho grande gracias to the ambulance and paramedics that got us from the emergency scuba pier to the hospital – she was in total control.”

– Pamela M.

Impeccable major surgery.

“This is the most amazing hospital I have ever experienced. This is my second time having major surgery and both were impeccable. The staff is wonderful, kind, considerate, etc”.

– Catherine T.

Best care I could have hoped for.

“I would like to thank ALL of your staff for the thoughtful care I received. My accident was so traumatic, however, I was cared for with respect and kindness the entire time I was there… Thank you again for the absolute best care I could have hoped for.”

– Margaret T.

Solo agradecimiento.

“Solo agradecimiento por toda la atención desde el momento de mi ingreso hasta el alta. ¡GRACIAS!”

– Natalia F.

Helpful, friendly, and caring.

“We received the best care that a hospital could provide. All personnel and staff were courteous, helpful, friendly, and caring. We are deeply and sincerely grateful for your care! Thank you to Dr Garcia, Dr Paola, Dr John, Eduardo, Lupita, and all ICU/nurse station staff for your care and empathy. Thank you to Max Ortiz for helping us figure out how to navigate this situation and doing his best at EVERYTHING!!”

– Adriana P.

HBOT sessions.

“Just a quick short note of thanks for all your help in arranging my HBOT sessions recently. I was very impressed with your hospital and all of the staff I interacted with, especially Max. I definitely will be doing more HBOT the next time I return to Cozumel.”

– Peter S.

Calmed our fears of being injured in a foreign country.

I am very appreciative of the excellent care I received at the Cozumel International Hospital.I had a serious injury to my leg and ankle and was sent to this hospital by ambulance. My care at the Hospital was fantastic! The staff immediately made us feel welcome and calmed our fears about being in a foreign country and having an injury. They took x-rays, called in the Orthopedic Surgeon, and counseled us on all our options. Of most importance, was to first set my dislocated ankle, then needed to decide on surgery in Cozumel or back in the US? We felt like I was in good hands and trusted that they would guide us to the right decision for me. We stayed in Cozumel and had the surgery. I was admitted to a beautiful, clean room for post-op that overlooked the water. The nurses were very caring and the support I received was top notch. This was a very scary accident, with lots of serious decisions to be made while travelling in a foreign country. Our experience was excellent. Thank you very much!

– Jeanne M.

Extremely professional doctors.

“At all times I felt safe and taken care of. The doctors were extremely professional and took time to inform me which tests would be performed and why. My discharge papers included advice for future diving. I am extremely grateful to all the doctors and support staff at the hospital”.

– Elizabeth P.

Considerate and caring to my partner and I.

“I’m very happy to provide the comments regarding my medical treatment. I felt extremely well taken care of and certainly very well attended by the hospital’s medical team. The doctors and nurses were immediately available the moment I arrived in ER. The team of doctors and nurses who attended to me throughout my ICU and hospital stay of 8 1/2 days were extremely professional, and more importantly extremely kind to me and my partner as I recovered. Dr Paola, Dr Eduardo and Dr Lucy and the rest of the medical team were attentive, caring and supportive in my recovery. The team of nurses who assisted them were similarly inclined and attended to my daily needs. I would also like to recognize Miguel who was very engaged in my recovery, helping me with my personal care and getting me to walk again. The staff at the front desk were incredibly kind, considerate and caring when dealing with my partner.”

– James B.