At all times I felt safe and taken care of. The doctors were extremely professional and took time to inform me which tests would be performed and why. My discharge papers included advice for future diving. I am extremely grateful to all the doctors and support staff at the hospital.

Elizabeth P
New Mexico
March 2018

I’m very happy to provide the comments regarding my medical treatment. I felt extremely well taken care of and certainly very well attended by the hospital’s medical team. The doctors and nurses were immediately available the moment I arrived in ER. The team of doctors and nurses who attended to me throughout my ICU and hospital stay of 8 1/2 days were extremely professional, and more importantly extremely kind to me and my partner as I recovered. Dr Paola, Dr Eduardo and Dr Lucy and the rest of the medical team were attentive, caring and supportive in my recovery. The team of nurses who assisted them were similarly inclined and attended to my daily needs. I would also like to recognize Miguel who was very engaged in my recovery, helping me with my personal care and getting me to walk again. The staff at the front desk were incredibly kind, considerate and caring when dealing with my partner.

James B
Ontario, Canada
Feb 2018

I did want to share my emergency experience with you. Upon my arrival by ambulance, which responded within minutes of being called, I remember being rushed into emergency and being quickly attended by various hospital staff and doctors. I immediately felt I was being well cared for. During my stay which became two nights and three days I was well informed by various doctors of what was going on and being administered to remedy the situation. I was also immediately impressed by the room I was given and the cleanliness of the entire facility. The nursing staff was always friendly and very attentive to my needs. Since my experience with this episode I have spoken with a number of fellow vacationers and have expressed my gratitude with the care given. Upon my release I was also given my complete hospital records to inform my doctor of my situation.

Herman F
Ontario, Canada
Feb 2018

The facility is a beautiful facility. There were folks at the counter to "process" us but each service we needed required a wait until the staff was on site and/or available. Since it was a serious need but not life threatening any wait was totally acceptable. Overall assessment of my problem I felt that the care and attention given to me was top notch. The staff during both my initial diagnosis, the consultation with the specialist, and the follow up surgery were very professional, kind, and competent. I would not hesitate to recommend your facility to other folks that had the need of serious medical attention. I particularly appreciated the hospital administrative staff that helped to guide us thru the red tape required to balance the level of care needed with the murky waters of dealing with the insurance company's rules and regulations. Also, it was comforting to have the staff be able to communicate in English as I am still learning Spanish. Overall they made a terrible situation bearable. I felt well cared for thru the entire experience.

Ruth M
Cozumel, Mexico
Feb 2018

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