“No creo que haya un mejor Hospital con mejores empleados donde estar para tratar la enfermedad por descompresión. Tampoco creo que he estado en un Hospital mejor en toda mi vida. Todos ustedes son atentos, amables y muchos adjetivos positivos más que no los sé en español. Tan lejos de mi casa y mi familia todos ustedes me hicieron sentir bien cuidada. Muchas gracias!”

Karin F
Diciembre 2018

I arrived by an ambulance. They were very helpful after being notified and the ship even left an employee behind to make sure my care was good. The facility was very clean and the staff and Doctor were very attentive to me. The staff and all the Doctors that cared for me were very professional and kind-hearted, my husband was very concerned for me and the staff and Doctors always kept him aware of my care and involved him in the decisions to be made. I am very appreciative of the excellent care I received at the Cozumel International Hospital. I had a serious injury to my leg and ankle and was sent to this hospital by ambulance. My care at the Hospital was fantastic! The staff immediately made us feel welcome and calmed our fears about being in a foreign country and having an injury. They took x-rays, called in the Orthopedic Surgeon, and counseled us on all our options. Of most importance, was to first set my dislocated ankle, then needed to decide on surgery in Cozumel or back in the US? We felt like I was in good hands with Dr. Raul Valencia Ruiz and Dr. Edgar Martinez Contreras and trusted that they would guide us to the right decision for me. We stayed in Cozumel and had the surgery. I was admitted to a beautiful, clean room for post-op that overlooked the water. The nurses were very caring and the support I received was top notch. I was released 36 hours later to be able to fly back to the States. This was a very scary accident, with lots of serious decisions to be made while travelling in a foreign country. Our experience was excellent. Thank you very much!

Jeanne M
October 2018

I walked in and waited about 5 minutes to see hospital staff and the first doctor Lorenna. I was a little nervous entering a foreign hospital alone but I instantly felt that I was in good hands. Lorenna made me feel very well cared for. Everyone was very professional, kind, caring and helped me so much. I had two other doctors at least, and they were very professional and caring. The doctors explained all the procedures that I would experience very thoroughly. The staff were friendly and helped eased my nervousness. Cozumel International Hospital is a wonderful facility. My recovery room felt deluxe. My meals were delicious and I had great care from the staff who checked my vitals in my room.

Roberta B
August 2018

I’d like to appreciate your prompt response; I’m very satisfied the way I was treated very humanely with professionalism by Dr. Cruz Vidal and the whole medical team who were able to assist me with my medical needs. You do have a great friend, receive a big hug and please transmit this hug to every single member of this team of professionals. I know how to appreciate a very bright team, as well, I am a Doctor and I am a professor from the faculty of medicine from the University of Vasco, I am very grateful and appreciative for your attention.

Dr. Martínez de Zalduendo
Bilbao, Spain
July 2018

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